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Rules Update

The last year has seen tremendous change within our club
The opening of the new bar has been a great success and your patronage has been tremendous.
Our membership has grown and pleasingly we have seen a shift towards families and younger
members, which has all helped to build a vibrant atmosphere
The world cup has also introduced us to many people who didn’t know we were here – They do now!
One of the aims of your committee has been to review the rules of the club and to modernise where appropriate.
For example, the rules state that any prospective member should be proposed and seconded and then interviewed by the committee. In the past this has been prohibitive in generating new
members. Whilst we are determined that your club will be reflective of the current membership and to uphold standards, we will be suggesting other ways of recruiting. We need to have a healthy membership
In the last year we have been flaunting some of the current rules and we have addressed this in our deliberations
Rules can only be changed by a vote from the membership and we are now ready to put these
amendments to the vote
The meeting will be held in the function room, a summary of the changes are listed on below which highlights the proposed amendments
The meeting will be held on Monday 24th September @ 8pm and we would appreciate you letting us know if you can attend by e Mailing
No other amendments can be made on the night,
We would welcome your support in attending this Special General Meeting, where we will be
providing a buffet from 7.30 prior to the start.

Rule No

New Rule Wording


Any two members of not less than six months standing may propose and second a candidate for membership and shall be able from personal knowledge to vouch for the candidate’s respectability and fitness to be a member and both of them shall sign the nomination form as shall the candidate, who by so doing, shall pledge to support The Conservative Party and to abide by the Rules of the Club now, or hereafter, in force, in the event of being elected a member.



The name of each candidate, and the names of the proposer and seconder, shall be posted on the Club Notice Board at least seven days before the day on which the candidate’s name is to be submitted for election.


No candidate, other than a candidate elected under Rule 9(a), shall be admitted to the privileges of membership, until having been:-

(a) formally elected a member by the Committee, and

(b) paid the first subscription together with any entrance fee which may be determined by the Committee, and

Membership of the Club and acceptance of these Rules by a member shall be deemed to constitute consent to the holding of relevant personal data for the purpose of the Data Protection Act.


(a) The Committee shall have power to elect from time to time

as honorary members without entrance fee or subscription,

persons of distinction or those who have rendered valuable

services to the Conservative Cause or the Club including the

Conservative Agent for this Constituency.


No rejected candidate shall again be proposed as a member until the expiration of twelve months from the date of such rejection.

No person who shall have been expelled from this or any

other Conservative Club affiliated to or inter-affiliated with the

Association of Conservative Clubs Limited shall ever again be proposed as a candidate, or make use of the Club premises, except by consent of the Committee.

Members whose memberships has lapsed, shall be eligible to re-join by paying the joining fee along with the relevant subscription cost.



Any member failing to pay the subscription within one month after the same has become due, shall be considered to be in arrears, and shall cease to be a member. Said Member’s Privilege Card shall be suspended.

If however, the delay in payment can be accounted for to the satisfaction of the Committee, the Committee may at its discretion direct that any member shall be exempt from the above.


Any member of the Committee being absent from three consecutive meetings of the Committee shall, unless sending a written explanation which the Committee shall deem satisfactory, cease to be a member of the Committee and shall also cease to be a Committee Member.

Any member or members of the Committee not being the whole of the Committee shall cease to be members thereof on resignation, and such resignation shall be deemed to be effective upon receipt by the Secretary of written notification. The Committee may accept the verbal resignation of a Committee Member provided it is reported and approved at a subsequent Committee Meeting.

Any member of the Committee ceasing to be a member of the Club, or who is suspended from the privileges of membership shall cease to be a member of the Committee and shall also cease to be an Officer or Committee Member.

Any vacancy so caused shall be filled as provided in

Rule 39.

26 (b)

(b) The Trustees shall be elected at a General or Special General Meeting by a majority of the members present and entitled to vote and all remain in office during the pleasure of the Club.

For the purpose of giving effect to such election the Chairman is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Club within the meaning of Section 36 of the Trustees Act 2000 and he shall by Deed duly appoint the person or persons so nominated at the General or Special General Meeting as the new Trustee or Trustees of the Club and the provisions of the Trustee Act 2000 shall apply to any such appointment. Any or all the Trustees may be removed by a majority of three-fourths of the members present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, in the following manner.

The Secretary shall summon the meeting:

(a) at the direction of the Committee, or

(b) upon receiving a request signed by one-fifth of the members or 30 members whichever is the less, and the Secretary shall thereupon give fourteen days’ notice by a notice posted in the Club premises.

In case of a vacancy caused by removal, resignation or

death another Trustee shall be elected at a Special General

Meeting called for that purpose in the manner as provided in

Rule 40.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for directing that all moneys, whether received personally, by the Secretary, or any other Official, Steward or any other employee or agent of the Club, are duly paid into the Club’s Bank at least once a week.

The Treasurer shall also see that all debts of the Club are paid as directed by the Committee (except petty cash payments) by cheques signed by any two of the authorised signatories and countersigned by the Treasurer. At every regular meeting of the Committee (or more often if required) the Treasurer shall produce the Paying-in Book and Bank statements for inspection showing that the foregoing duties have been carried out.

The Treasurer shall keep such accounts, documents and other papers of the Club, not otherwise kept by the Secretary, in such manner and for such purposes as the Committee may direct.

‘To comply with the requirements of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue with regard to the deduction of income tax from the wages or salaries of employees and with the requirements of the National Insurance Acts in respect to such employees.’



General Duties

The Secretary shall carry out the duties of this office under the superintendence, control and direction of the Committee.

The duties of the Secretary shall be:

To receive moneys on account of the Club and pay the same to the Treasurer or direct to the Club’s Bank. The Secretary shall keep such accounts, documents and papers of the Club in such manner and for such purposes as the Committee may direct.

To summon and attend all meetings and take minutes of the proceedings.

In every year prepare or cause to be prepared the balance sheet and income and expenditure account and submit the same to the Auditor of the Club.

To keep upon the Club premises a register of the names and addresses of the Club members and a record of the latest payment of their subscription.

To ensure that the Club is registered under the provisions of the Licensing Acts.

To ensure that the Club Premises Certificate, or a Certified copy thereof, is kept at the Club premises in the custody or under the control of the person nominated for the purposes of Section 94(2) of the Licensing Act 2003. The nominated person shall be the Secretary unless otherwise decided by the Club Committee and shall be identified in writing to the Licensing Authority. The Secretary shall ensure that the summary of the

Certificate issued by the Licensing Authority is prominently displayed on the Club premises.

To be responsible for the insurance of the Club against fire and burglary and in respect to liability for accidents occurring to the Club employees and for any other purposes directed by the Committee.

Administer pension scheme for full time employees.

To be supplied by the Committee with copies of the Rules and shall be bound to deliver a copy thereof to any member on demand on such payment as the Committee may from time to time determine.

To carry out such other duties as are reasonably incidental to the office of Secretary.


The Committee shall conduct the general business of the Club, regulate the internal management, have power to enforce Rules, and make such bye-laws as may be necessary for the conduct of the Club in conformity with these Rules.

At the first meeting after the Annual General Meeting the Committee may appoint a Political Sub-Committee, of which not more than one-half of the members shall also be members of the Committee and appoint a representative to the Executive Committee of the local Constituency Conservative Association.

It may appoint others Sub-Commitees, which shall manage the several departments of the Club under the supervision of the committee.

The appointment and dismissal of the Secretary, if appointed in accordance with Rule 24, the Steward and all other Club employees shall be vested solely in the Management Committee.

31 (b)

(b) The Steward & Stewardess or the prevailing management structure, along with their team shall be empowered to order the immediate withdrawal of any member whose conduct on the Club premises is in conflict with the Rules of the Club. The matter must be reported to the Committee at their next regular meeting.

Such a member shall have no right of re-entry to the Club premises until a decision has been made by the Committee in respect of whether there is a complaint to warrant them summoning the member to appear before them.


The Committee, or any member or members thereof, may be removed from office by a majority of three-fourths of the members of the Club present and voting at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, and a minimum of 25% of the qualifying total membership.

The election of a new Committee or any member or members thereof shall take place in the manner prescribed in the previous Rule upon resignation of the Committee.


The Annual General Meeting shall be within two months of the end of the financial year on a day to be fixed by the Committee.

52 (a)

(a) Every Member shall be permitted to introduce guests to the Club premises, but the same guest shall not be admitted to the Club premises more than four times within a period of one calendar month, unless special consent be obtained from the Committee. Intoxicating liquor may be sold to the guests of Members for consumption on the premises only.

The Steward and Stewardess or the prevailing management structure, along with their representatives reserves the right to refuse the admission of any guest if in their opinion it is desirable in the interests of the Club

52 (c)

(c) Intoxicating liquor may be sold for consumption in the members area to guests attending any function in the members area which has been authorised by the Committee, provided that any such function shall be organised and supervised by at least one Member who is present throughout the duration of such function, and the same shall apply to such other functions which may from time-to-time be held on the

Club premises within the scope permitted by the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 in respect of Temporary Event Notices.

Private functions held in the function room shall be subject to the relevant license and members will not have automatic entry to said functions.


The name of any person admitted to the Club premises, and where appropriate, the name of the Member who introduced that person, shall be written in the. Members’ Guest Log which shall be kept for that purpose on the Club premises.


No betting, unlawful gaming, drunkenness, bad language or disorderly conduct shall be permitted on the Club premises. Any infringement of this Rule will render the member offending liable to be dealt with by the Committee under Rule 31(1).

It shall be the duty of the Steward and Stewardess or the prevailing management structure, along with their representatives to take every available means for putting a stop to the offences in question, and to report them forthwith to the Committee through the Secretary.

Bye- law 4

The conduct of an employee shall in no instance be made a matter of personal reprimand by anyone other than the Steward and Stewardess or the prevailing management structure, or in the case of the Steward and Stewardess, the Club Secretary.

All complaints against employees, or in regard to domestic arrangements of the Club shall, by anyone other than the Secretary, be addressed to the Steward and Stewardess; or in the case of the Steward and Stewardess, the Club Secretary, in writing who shall submit the same for determination by the Committee.

Bye- law 5


Bye-law 6

Change to steward and stewardess

Bye-law 7


Bye-law 8

No Committee Member or Officer of the Club shall sign any petition or document on behalf of the Club, relating to matters not immediately connected with the management of the Club without the express sanction of the Committee.

No Committee Members, Officers of the Club, or Club members shall comment on behalf of the club in any circumstances, using any media, without express permission from the Committee.

Additional Bye-Law

The rules regarding the use of the Snooker Tables, Pool Tables and Darts boards are at the discretion of the Committee.


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