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At Stotfold Conservative Club


There is no longer a charge for hiring the function room at Stotfold Conservative Club.

Our function room can hold up to 200 guests and is suitable for weddings, christenings, funerals, birthday parties, group meetings and much more.


We can arrange entertainment and catering for you or you can provide your own.


If you wish to make an enquiry, please contact the Secretary.

On: 01462 730 534 or



Refundable deposits will be taken. Subject to terms & conditions.



The new members' bar is now currently under construction and is expected to be finished some time in January.


This will provide members with a new, updated and comfortable bar which will be separate from the old bar which will then primarily be a function room only.


Noise Reduction


As many of you are aware we have recently undertaken an exercise to reduce the outside noise which comes from the club during entertainment evenings


A number of members have expressed their interest in what has been done, why it has been done, and what has been the process.

The purpose of this letter is to help with that understanding


Why have we taken this action?

  • One of our near neighbours has made numerous complaints over the last few years regarding unacceptable noise levels coming
    from both inside and outside of the club
  • The council have been involved in these complaints and have issued us with notice that we must take action to reduce
    these levels
  • The issue is so serious that the music licence for this club is under threat
  • If we have no music licence - we have no club!


What are we required to do

  • We are required by law to comply with legislation which refers to unacceptable noise levels between the hours of 11pm
    and 7am


What is our objective?

  • To ensure noise reduction to a level which allows us to continue to provide entertainment from live bands past 11pm at night
  • To ensure noise levels which stop the complaints which put our club Licence at risk
  • Maximise the hours of entertainment which brings much needed revenue to the club


What have we done?

  • In the short term we have stopped live band entertainment after 11am
  • We have ensured that doors and windows are closed at all times
  • We have engaged a professional acoustics company to reduce noise levels


The Noise Reduction Company

  • Three companies were approached who were all experts in this field
    • They were all asked to visit and quote for work
    • They were all “interviewed” by our secretary
  • The committee engaged the services of Metropolitan Insulation Services
    • References were taken from social clubs with similar issues who had engaged Metropolitan
    • Three areas were highlighted as being areas for noise reduction
      • Walls / Windows/sliding doors / ceiling
      • We were advised that the required reduction should be achieved through attending to the walls windows and sliding doors
        • If the reduction was not sufficient, we would then have to look at the ceiling or potentially acoustic curtains



  • A number of questions have arisen re the efficacy of the materials
  • The specification for the materials are laid out below



Technical Specification

To supply and fit 2no white counter balanced vertical sliders and

    2 panel horizontal sliders.


    All to incorporate 6.4mm clear acoustic glass


    Metal Sections are manufactured from 6063T6 extruded aluminium to BS1474.


    White powder coated - SAO98E produced in a factory controlled by BS5750
    part 2 (EN29002)

    ISO9002 and Quicoat Registered.




Specification for Proposal Sound
    insulation works


100 x 50 mf
    aluminium stud frame fixed 25mm from existing wall


Infill with
    100mm RW3 Acoustic Batt. 600 x 1200mm


Fix 1 layer
    of 12.5mm Feracel acoustic concrete board


Fix 1 Layer
    of 12.5mm Db Soundshield all joints overlapped all directions






What happens next?

  • Firstly we have to have the noise levels tested and understand what reductions have been achieved
    • The council have agreed to come in and do this
  • Secondly we will have the noise limiter within the club re-calibrated to enable
    bands to play within acceptable limits
    • If bands can’t play to the noise limiter they will not be engaged


What if the noise levels are still above the required levels when live music is being played?

  • Once again we will keep to an 11pm rule for live band entertainment
  • We will then look to make the necessary reductions with additional measures such as acoustic Curtains


The situation we find ourselves in is difficult, and we would ask for your patience and understanding while we get our club back to normal.

  • We would also ask that, when entertainment is on, we all exercise diligence in ensuring the doors are closed
  • Would all members please ensure that they use the door by the smoking hut when entering the garden
  • Please could we ensure that no-one is in the garden area after 11pm


On a more positive note this does give us the chance to re-decorate and freshen up the club. This work will start in the next few weeks